Passion for philanthropy: Steven L. Sanderson with United Way of Collier

Steven L. Sanderson

President and chief executive officer

Organization: United Way of Collier County

Tell us what you are most looking forward to in your new role at United Way of Collier County.

I look forward to being an integral part of the community that makes a real difference in the lives of others. I gain great satisfaction in helping make someone’s day better and in the United Way world through dedicated volunteer leadership, corporate, foundation, employee and individual contributors and great partner agencies literally thousands of lives are enhanced by this work. I look to build on the communities success by having Collier County known as as one of the top performing United Way’s for our market size in the country.

What are you bringing to the table from your previous experience?

In partnership with the board, community leaders and partner agencies and development of a strategic plans that engage all sectors of Collier County. We will look for ways to deepen the base of support that already exists and broaden our reach to include all facets of the various communities that reside in Collier County. We will work through a focused and dedicated staff and volunteer team utilizing technology, leveraging local resources and good partnerships with community leaders, organizations and partner agencies. Through clear goals and a mission centered approach we will best align the skills and talents of the dedicated volunteers through all facets of United Way’s operations securing increased financial resources and creating better impact in serving those in need.

What is it about the United Way that drew you to this organization?

United Way is all about building a better community in which we live, work and experience if even seasonally. It’s about all of us whether we live here for six months or a year or have so for generations. It is about all of us (a community of communities in Collier County) coming together in an organized capacity to care for one another. I believe we all have the capacity and ability to make a difference. United Way is in the business of building a better life and human condition for all of us.

You just moved to Southwest Florida from Texas. Besides work, what are you most looking forward to in this area?

I am very excited for my family. Naples and Southwest Florida have so much to offer. It will be fun watching my family grow, get involved and make a difference in their own way in the community. Collier County has a rich history and tradition and is unique in so many ways. I became aware of the area through my work with United Way then learned more first-hand through my experiences with my daughter who is now a junior at a local University.

Why do you work in the non-profit world?

It all started as a young child as my parents were always involved in doing something for the community; local canned food drives, helping at donation centers, etc. From this beginning, as I grew older I learned the importance and value of operational efficiency, community leadership and putting resources to where they would have the greatest impact which led me to the United Way.

What in life are you the most passionate about?

Family, faith and community

Tell us something about you that is unrelated to work.

I love enjoying life and making the most of each day that comes our way.

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