Fashion forward: Colleen Kvetco

Locals dish about their fashion philosophy

Shamrock bank president and ceo colleen kvetco bristles when people assume all bankers are boring dressers. Sure, she owns a lot of suits but almost none of them are black.

“People say bankers are stodgy, but that’s so old fashioned. Not anymore, it’s not like that for me,” she insists.

In fact, Kvetco has a great sense of style. And not only does she dress herself daily in head-to-toe trends, but she decks out her two pint-sized pooches in designer duds too. Diva and Olivia, two well-groomed Shih Tzus, always wear things that are both cute and fashion-forward, because, in Kvetco’s words, “If it’s fashionable, isn’t it cute?”

We caught up with Kvetco to hear more about her personal style and how it’s evolved throughout her very illustrious career. In her opinion, how you dress has less to do with where you work and more to do with how you work what you wear.

Let’s go back to your childhood; have you always had an innate fashion sense?

Absolutely. I went to Catholic school as a girl and every day I couldn’t wait to get home and get out of my uniform. When I went to a public junior high school that was when it was like, wow. You saw everything in public school and it really opened my eyes. And in those days, when you went to school you dressed up. That’s when I really started dressing well.

So was your mother fashionable? Where do you think you got your fashion sense?

No, my mother has never been fashionable. Bless her heart; she wore house dresses almost every day. My sister is very conservative too. I think I got my sense of style from looking around me and watching what was trendy.

Describe what you might wear on a typical day.

Since starting Shamrock Bank I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses, they’re so in right now.

What is your advice for young fashionistas just starting out in the corporate world? How should they navigate what to wear?

My advice is wait until after your first week at a new job to buy your clothes. See what everyone else is wearing and emulate it. Don’t be afraid to have your own sense of style, but stay within the parameters. I believe in having a dress code and we have one at the bank. I think everyone deserves to know the rules: no strapless tops and no spaghetti straps. From there you can introduce more colors or fun accessories.

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