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Doris Reynolds is a long-time contributor to the Wednesday Food section of Neapolitan.

Reynolds was born in Kane, Pa., and moved to Charleston, S.C., as a young teenager. She dropped out of school, started working, and had a son at a young age. She worked for the Navy, both as a typist and in public relations. Her early struggle paid off years later.

Reynolds has started and owned several public relations agencies, had a lengthy and successful career as a journalist and author, and even owned a Haitian art studio. She moved to Naples more than 55 years ago.

She’s traveled much of the world (India, Germany, England, Turkey, Greece and Cuba). Still, Naples is the only place she’d want to live. She’s a bit of a recluse, preferring to work from a studio in her rustic yet beautiful cottage near the beach. Reynolds, who won’t reveal her age, lives there with Lucy, a five-year-old rescue dog. She’s written books (“When Peacocks Were Roasted and Mullet Were Fried” and “Let’s Talk Food”), and is Naples’ official historian. Read more about Doris in our "My Life So Far" feature on her.

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